Backup Solutions

“In business, we are increasingly dependent on technology in our operations. If our technology fails or we are unable to continue to invest in new technology, our business may be adversely affected”

Backup Solutions

Refined IT strongly believe Backup Solutions are the single most important item for any business who relies heavily on technology. In the event of any disaster, the speed at which your business can restore company critical operating data often defines the survivability of that business. We offer many backup options, from Cloud Backups to Onsite and Automatic Backups.

According to US statistics , 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Refined IT has developed a simple three step process to capture all critical data elements allowing us to construct a strong, reliable backup strategy tailored to your individual requirements. An initial physical audit must be completed to determine a number of components such as; Backup Size, Offsite Backup Potential, Backup Schedule, Least to Most Critical Data, Backup Retention to name a few. The information is then collated into a report and reviewed by our expert Technology Engineers where your backup strategy is developed. Once complete we deliver the strategy to you, informing you of its strengths and weaknesses before your approval and finally implementation.

Safe and Secure

Your business critical data needs to be placed in the safest location possible, most of all it needs to be secured for privacy and confidentiality. Refined IT offer a number of fully encrypted safe and secure multi backup locations.

Size Flexibility

Do you need to back-up a employee laptop or USB device? Refined IT offer flexible storage options to cater for servers, workstations, laptops etc. If required, we can also backup your cloud data.

Continuous Backup

If you have ever restored file backups, you may find you lose a day or a week’s work. Refined IT have a backup solution that runs continuously. If you change a single file, the changes automatically captured into the backup location within seconds.

Lightning Quick

Backup restoration can take hours to restore critical data. Refined IT offer backup solutions that allow you to restore files almost instantly to any location.

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