Email Spam Filtering

“In business, we are increasingly dependent on technology in our operations. If our technology fails or we are unable to continue to invest in new technology, our business may be adversely affected”

Email Spam Filtering

E-mail spam never stops! We are all fighting an ever-changing attack of unwanted messages and email virus threats which is costly for any business and takes time, either your own deleting them from junk mail or your IT provider constantly updating your spam block lists.

Refined IT’s spam filtering is unlike traditional spam filtering software and appliances that operate inside your network on your servers or workstations. Our spam filtering service is pro-active and is actually stationed on the cloud.Its job is to capture the spam emails before they enter your network. It essentially stops spam and viruses before they reach your business and consume your internet traffic or interfere with your employee’s productivity. No additional hardware or software configuration is required, we simply route your emails through our Spam Filtering servers which review every email for its authenticity.

Automatic Blacklisting

Refined IT’s Automatic blacklisting feature automatically reviews large public block lists of well-known spammers and incorporates their lists into our own blacklist. The public block lists are compiled from anti-spam databases and online groups and are growing daily.

Keyword Scanning

Refined IT’s spam filtering includes scoring systems for emails based on various criteria. If the email score exceeds a set threshold, it is flagged as spam. i.e Pharmacy is a common keyword used in spam, if the word Pharmacy appears with other words like Canadian and Dr Pills the spam filter would automatically block the email.

Message Authenticity

Refined IT’s spam filtering service uses a number of algorithms to verify the authenticity of a message. Some are simple checks such as the “from address” and some other checks are more complex, related to SMTP protocol.

Blacklists and Whitelists

Refined IT’s spam filtering includes your typical ability to block emails by Domains, IP’s, and email addresses. These can be set individually per client per domain name. Blacklisted means blocked always and Whitelisted means allowed through always.

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