Server Antivirus and Desktop Antivirus Solutions

“In business, we are increasingly dependent on technology in our operations. If our technology fails or we are unable to continue to invest in new technology, our business may be adversely affected”

Server Antivirus and Desktop Antivirus Solutions

Worldwide hacking and virus related events have prompted businesses to dramatically increase their server antivirus and desktop antivirus and overall network security. Refined IT are experts in server antivirus and desktop antivirus solutions. We can review your IT network and provide a comprehensive diagnosis, then follow with a strategic plan to secure your business from cyber crime and cyber attacks.

Refined IT use combined managed server antivirus solutions and managed server antimalware solutions based around the award-winning VIPRE Enterprise software which is highly effective in the protection of online threats. We complement our server antivirus and desktop antivirus solutions as it has very low impact on system resources, allowing it to be installed and run virtually undetected on slower workstations and laptops.

Refined IT have trailed and tested numerous antivirus solutions and antimalware solutions and have carefully selected the best possible protection available for your business.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Combined

We have especially selected server antivirus and desktop antivirus solutions to accomplish both Virus Removal and Malware Removal. This is to avoid the complexity of running two programs individually and it provides total coverage at the lowest cost for your workstation and servers.

Enterprise Grade

Refined IT want the best protection available for your business so had to get an enterprise grade product which allows us to protect an entire business network from all possible attack points.

Real-time and Email Security

Cryptolocker, one of the most financially devastating Viruses was spread through emails perceived to be send by Australia Post and Telstra. Real-time protection catches these viruses before they can damage your business critical files while Email Security stop you from opening potentially damaging emails.

Firewall and Web Protection

Refined IT recommends running a firewall to block any cyber-attacks from entering your network, it also serves a double purpose to stop sensitive data from leaving your office if there is a device on your network without protection. We also recommend Web Protection which stops your employee’s entering phishing websites, such as a fake bank – ANZ or Westpac websites where they may type in the company banking username and password.

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