Disaster Recovery

“In business, we are increasingly dependent on technology in our operations. If our technology fails or we are unable to continue to invest in new technology, our business may be adversely affected”

Disaster Recovery

Can your business IT systems survive a disaster such as flooding, fire, lightning strike or theft? You may think the chances of this happening to my business is like winning lotto. The truth is, while flooding, fire and lightning strikes are uncommon, theft is extremely common and it may be theft by a current or ex-employee. We have yet to mention IT disasters such as hardware failure, viruses and security attacks. When you throw all these factors into the equation, the chances of a serious disaster actually occurring are frightening.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Refined IT has you covered, based on collective years of experience we have mapped out many disaster scenarios and have disaster recovery solutions for each scenario. To protect your business we initially audit your IT systems physically and virtually to make sure they are safe and secure from all aspects. We then provide clear documentation on setting up your systems with disaster recovery contingencies in place on various levels, from physical; CPU, Memory, Storage, Network, Wireless, Power to virtual: Connectivity, Anti-virus, Backup Locations, Software Patching.

Business During a Disaster

We offer a number of methods to ensure your business is able to function no matter what disaster strikes, part of these methods is our extremely fast data recovery times.

Backup Data Security

We ensure your business critical data files are 100% secure and offer a range of encryption levels from 256 AES to 448 blowfish.

Multi-level Redundancy

We strategically plan at all levels to ensure your IT systems are safe from any one single point of failure be physical or virtual.

Strategic Documentation

We provide a fully documented strategy of what’s in place, what is required in the future and what to do in the event of a disaster.

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